3 Strikes Policy concerning the  Smoke-Free Policy

The Gaylord Parkview Manor has a 3 strikes your out Policy concerning the Smoke-Free Policy.

Receive a complaint or see a tenant smoking in their apartment, Strike One.

Receive another complaint or see same tenant smoking, Strike Two and tenant receives a notice.

Third complaint on that same tenant, the tenant is evicted!

The Gaylord Housing Authority has adopted a smoke-free policy prohibiting lit tobacco products (cigarettes, cigars, or pipes) in all living units, indoor common area, administrative offices and all outdoor areas within 25 feet.  (This area will be marked by signs in all directions of the housing grounds). Resolution #15-02 passed December 14, 2015.

Gaylord Park View Manor

The Housing Authority of the City of Gaylord, Kansas consists of 12 units (2 small one bedroom and 8 large one bedroom, and 2 two bedrooms).  The Manor was obtained in 1971 through the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development. 

Admission Regulations:

Qualifications: families, disabled, and elderly applicants are welcome.  Applicants must meet income eligibility requirements.  Applications are accepted upon request. Applications can be picked up at the Park View Manor office or mailed upon request.

City of Gaylord


Rents are based on income.  Included in the rentals are electric ranges, refrigerators (self defrost with 91 lb. freezer), blinds throughout, carpet in living and bedroom(s), and all utilities (except first $20 of electricity), and cable TV.  There is yard maintenance, snow removal, and garbage removal for each tenant.

Commission Members:

Chairman: Donna Muck

Commissioner: Edith McClain

Commissioner: Barb Lehmann

Commissioner: Kurt Ifland

Executive Director: Sue Kirchhoff

Maintenance: Kurt & Kim Ifland

Contact Information:

Sue Kirchhoff - Executive Director

400 6th Street

Gaylord, KS 67638

(785) 697-2690