City of Gaylord

Mayor: David Tucker

Council Members:

Wil Neussendorfer - Fire

Dennis Lehmann - Sewer/Trash

David Tucker - Parks

Jim Muck - Water

Wendell Felsburg - Streets

Barb Lehmann - Community Center/Housing

Governing Body

City Attorney - Michael-Shannon McDowell

City Clerk - Aubrey Neussendorfer

City Treasurer - Crystal Ifland

Fire Chief - Adam Ifland

Mayoral Appointments


Gaylord is a third class city, governed by the Mayor/Council form of government.  The City Council meets the second Wednesday of each month at 7:00 pm in the Community Center, 509 Main Street.

Office Hours: We currently have no set office hours.  

City Office Phone: (785) 697-2697 Fax: (785) 697-2221


In case of emergency, please contact one of the following:

      Mayor - David Tucker (785) 282-0228

      City Clerk - Aubrey Neussendorfer (785) 476-5439

      City Man - Ed Burt (785) 697-3214